It is Only Fate that Hangs in the Balance: Don’t Worry.

The saga of my work, my employment, the job, continues. Lets see, where did I leave off from my last post on this subject? Awh—yes, how I thought my job was saved.

In spite of me being very fortunate and persevering, my luck sometimes plays double jeopardy with me when lady luck plays her hand, or the forces of the powers that will me push me in directions that I least expect.  The law of uncertainty is a strange little law.

I have known now for the last week that my job position will change. This, in spite of my co-worker who is going through Hell with his job changes, is causing a lot of tension for me because he is going through a massive downturn while I sit and watch. I know that I have a job, albeit in a different location, with different rules and a different position, but I know less than anyone else does. No one is talking to me. While I listen to my co-worker go through his waxing and waning of the continuous streams of bad news after more bad news, I feel left out. I know that the cut backs are inevitable, and that my employer is somewhere between cardiac arrest and the morgue, and because of this I know full well that my future hangs in the balance, and worse, I have no control over it.

I told my friend, “what is worse, knowing that you are getting screwed, or not knowing when and how, but that you will eventually get screwed, and all around you, everywhere, is silence… not a damn peep!”

So, I have a job right now. I am working and getting a pay cheque. As far as I know the money is good, i.e., their Bank will cash their promissory notes. Still, I am faced with more silence as I hear the rumours, and we talk about the “what ifs” and logic of what could happen.

In a nut-shell, my co-worker has gone through two revisions of his contract, a contract that he really has no choice but to follow through because it is either take the job, or face unemployment. The first contract stated that he will take a decrease in wages, about a dollar per hour, but the second version sought to eliminate his bonus. In other words, a cut of almost $4,000.00 per year. Added to the carnage of the demotion, his position will turn into a general labourers position, and much of the administration duties that he enjoys now are gone as of the end of this month.

So, the question now that I am asking myself is, “what is in store for little old me once it is my turn to go through the economic blender?” Will they be gentle with me and spare me the blood-letting?

I guess I will find out after the long weekend as my fate hangs in the balance.

4 Thoughts on “It is Only Fate that Hangs in the Balance: Don’t Worry.

  1. Hey Tom
    Remember – Silence is Golden!!!
    It sounds like you are in the eye of the hurricane where it is the most calm.
    Another expression – Watch and Learn. How about – Go with the Flow. Hey – it’s late – what can I say (LOL).
    The thing I dislike about change is change. But it is inevitable. Things are always changing but when it’s about cash flow then it is even more stressful.
    Looking back I find for myself that things somehow have a way of working themselves out and even getting better than they were before. Sounds like dribble but I’ve been there.
    Take it easy – here’s another one – Don’t worry, be happy.
    Take care.

  2. Well, communication seems to be the common denominator that either makes or breaks a good relationship, especially in the workplace. Due to lack of foresight, the powers that stand silent could loose more than their long term projection, they could loose the components that binds what is left of their endeavours.

    Heh, heh… it was late for me too when I posted this diatribe. I guess, “go with the flow,” works best for me, as long as I’m not late. It sums up everything from the current atmosphere around work.


  3. Well, I don’t think there are too many components binding anything over there any longer. What can I say, glad I was lucky enough to be able to leave on my own terms.

    If there is anything I have reaffirmed to myself after working for that company, it’s that having faith in “successful” individuals just because they are seemingly successful brings no guarantees of success. Only a TRUE team with good communication working consistently on the same page can weather storms.

    In my time with them, they’ve never managed that. Despite the best efforts of the good people they did have.

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