To Dabble into Cablevision Land

I had a major upgrade done to my residential cable, and for the first time not one channel was diminished with static, snow, ghosting and interruptions.

The “problem” came from having inherited 15 year old cable lines that ran in the ground with no conduits or the proper burial protective cable needed for underground use. It was so bad that the signal required for Intranet service would cut out at random, and when it was tested the technician told me that having such a large drop in signle was very bad for the cable modem to work properly.

So it was up to the park owner to do the digging. Actually the labour was not so bad, only requiring a shallow trench that was less than 40 cm deep. He laid the proper conduit and inserted pull strings for future use if he needed to run more lines.

Once the initial cable was connected I tried out the television. The commercials never looked so good before. But the primary goal, my Internet connection, was met with flying colours. For the first time I actually maxed out my “up to” bandwidth speed. Connectivity now takes only a few seconds from a cold start as compared to the several minutes it took before.

Hindsight being 20/20, I should have gotten on everyone’s butts a long time ago, but of course that did not happen, so I can only say, “chock one up for experience.”

2 Thoughts on “To Dabble into Cablevision Land

  1. Hi Tom…

    Glad to hear you have good cable…Must be nice. Our whole Humm..awhummm… Satalite is not working and may be awhile before we get it working again. Something about Nigwa 3 kicking it… Anyways, I have some good news for you. I have jusst finished my last day of school June 26. I am now waiting for my paperwork in the post so I can start looking for work. I should find something in the next 2-3 weeks. (After my girl child is more or less potty trained – now that I have the time teach her how to use the potty!) Thought I let you know.


  2. Awh yes, the potty training is important: leaving the toilet seat up or down; making sure you aim in the bowl instead of on seat; allowing enough time to remove all obstructing clothing before one “lets loose; having a good supply of toilet paper and deodorant, all very important things to know and do.”

    Glad it is you and not me! Heh heh heh.

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