Some Canada Day Photos

When I first got up this morning I took some photos because the sun rise was just so incredible. Seeing the sun comming in through from my North facing window is rare because it only happens for about one month each year.

Then I took a walk over to the IGA, then around the block over to the Post Office to photograph some of the rose bushes and grapevines that are just starting to bud along side the road.

Fort Langley was full of people walking about this morning. Maybe a little too much “engery” if the day gets warmer.

The classic overhead rose bush shot.

Down town, metropolitan Fort Langley, BC. The flags are out, and so were some people.

The stuffed Scooby-Doo toy, and sofa-cover mother gave me this past winter holiday. Thanks Mom! Everyone loves Scooby-Doo, and they just can’t leave him alone.

5 Thoughts on “Some Canada Day Photos

  1. Hi Tom…I think my kids where to have the Scooby Doo toy. And you were to the a two headed Monster toy. But for some strange reason looking at your toy – It suits you!!! 😛

  2. You weren’t supposed to see that…, besides, it’s not the first time Mom has made this mistake.

    …though, the two headed monster does look interesting?

  3. Well… if you didn’t want me to see it, then why did you post the pic on the Blog 😆

    Don’t worry, we are very happy with our two headed monster. Paula likes it very much.

  4. No, I now remembered talking to Mother about that way back in February. I wasn’t sure whose kid was supposed to get what, but I did know that there was mix up? Hey, if it were a Barbie doll you can bet that I would personally ship that over to you ASAP!

    When my friend’s kids visit, they go for Scooby right off. I’m surprised that he still has his spots intact. LOL!

  5. Nothing wrong with Barbie…..
    From what I understand, boys like to play with dolls too. I remember hearing stories about one little boy who used to dress-up in ………… This story goes back 2 generations, now that I look at my boy’s – 3 generations. You get my drift? 😎
    I should get around to posting a pic of the two headed monster. It’s really cute. I am not giving it up. I am glad that your friends kids love Scobby. My kids LOVE SCOBBY. So do I….Such a classic. How is grandma’s cat holding up?

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