Walking a Tightrope without a Contract: Smart or Dumb?

The split at work is now official. Depending on whose side you are on, it is either a takeover, or partial takeover, and the bottom line is that the old team is now split. And even though we still occupy the same space and are performing the same duties, our titles have completely changed along with our pay and job performance expectations from our respective employers.

A recap is in order here, also see the June 23th, 2009 and the June 30th, 2009 posts. Many weeks ago another company took over the major contract that my employer, the parent company, held. Of course, the powers who decide these things do not let all who have a vested interest in their enterprise know all of the pertinent details. What is known are the events that have taken place. The parent company that I still work for has now reduced itself to one tenth of its former size. Although my employer has other vested interests, this particular contract was its major account.

I had originally thought that both sides had all of their ducks in a row. Then, through some unfortunate meetings, found that neither side has completed their responsibilities. The expectation that I would be left high and dry once the tide of decision making was over still has not left the harbour. In fact, in the strict sense of our daily duties, nothing really has changed.

The stress of wondering weather or not my side of the contract will terminate is a constant factor for me. And, apparently, it is also true for my former work colleague too, as he contemplates what his next moves are. We both walk the line as those around us seemly either choose not to be bothered by the lack of a good solid agreement, or wishfully and faithfully go about their business as usual as if nothing has changed.

I guess if you pull on any rope long enough, eventually you will find the end.

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