Companies not Spending Enough Time on their Web Pages

Now that I think about it, I got a whole pile of stuff done today, and I am still feeling pretty good, but I have to say that I did have a little run in with some companies that failed to update their web sites with hours and prices. Other than the bad advertising, I accomplished a lot.

Early this morning I raced into Langley City to do some shopping. This particular store that I wanted to shop at said on their web site that they were open at 7:00am. So I set up all of my plans today to work around that first stop of the day. I had my route all picked, like a military operation. When I got to the store, it was closed. I walked up to the sign and it said, “Open 8:00am to 7:00pm on Saturdays. This was a huge difference from what their web site said. Was I going to stick around and wait for the forty five minutes until they opened? NOT!

This company lost a sale, and then I moved on to my next stop.

Fortunately most businesses do keep their web sites up to date, so the rest of my day’s buying was done without a hitch until I got to a Big Box Store, which I will keep nameless. This place has one big problem, their advertised prices were no where near what their web site said their prices were. When I talked to one of the sales reps, she told me that the flyer was the price that they go by, and that the web site was a rough price. She showed me at the bottom of their corporate web page that you must check with the store in your location for the up to date prices, and that those are the prices you pay.

I asked her why they would even bother with putting prices on their web site if they are inaccurate. She told me that it was not up to them but up to their head office. In other words, it was a policy because the lag time was sometimes several days before their web masters could log all of the changes in pricing and then update everything.

I wonder why the price difference was never lower than the flyer price?

Because of the “bad” advertising, another lost sale.

My advice to stores who put price lists on their web sites: make sure you keep them up to date and that they are accurate. There are people like me who do their planning and price comparison on line, and if your business is not up to par, then you will loose out on possible customers, even if you have the best price in town—how will I know?

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