Asphyxiated with Bibliophile Tendencies

Is it me, or did summer just end? It is cold outside now.

I actually have the heat on, and it’s July?

I just went through a period of two huge homework assignments.  The glum weather has even made my ambitiousness to aggressively research texts weak as all I want to do is sleep. The amount of reading I have done in the last three days is almost 450 pages from about 25 sources. Now, I have about a week to get this data into presentation format and then write two papers on these topics by the 15th of this month.

Fortunately, I have already started my drafts on the papers, and the presentation is a group one, so we will be gathering this weekend to delegate and organize. Based on experience our five member group should be able to have a finished format by then, and then another meeting to do a dress rehearsal before curtain time. This presentation will be a total of 25 percent of the overall course for each of us: half personal performance, and half group effort. (I’m bragging now…).

This is the part about my degree program that I dread most, these group presentations. I am so happy that I will need only three more courses that are upper level fourth year, and these are fairly light compared to the ones that I have just completed. I sort of saved the best for last; so to speak, not that these courses are easy, but only just in terms of extra curricular activities such as group work. I want my very last semester to be a mellow one.

I’ll be burning the candle at both ends this week.

8 Thoughts on “Asphyxiated with Bibliophile Tendencies

  1. Tom…..I am so sorry (more like I am happy) to hear about your on going mental asphyxiation. I am sure you will be able to give your self the Hymlic after the 15 before you go into a state of mental aspiration.

    Pls, post your marks. I can wait to read what they are!

  2. I should have clarified this a bit better: you call it the “gag factor,” or “gag me with a chainsaw…” That is why I used the term asphyxiation to describe my homework assignment load.

    As far as marks goes, it is customary not to post them becuase others around me who are colleagues would find that very displeasing and hubris of me. I do list my finals though–which is really the one true measure when all is said and done. Right?

  3. No. You did a good job describing your work load. Aspirations are sometimes what happens after one has asphyxiated and lives. Ever heard of Aspiration Pneumonia? One has choked on ones food. Food has came up, but some food made it’s why into the lungs. When this happens one develops Aspiration’s and as a result Pneumonia develops; antibiotics can’t help. Now if it was something like a Life Saver Candy – it would melt in your lungs and one would be fine. But a chunk of Beef ……. Nope. In your case we are talking about your work load. All that heard work. Dear Tom…Asperations of your mind. Anyways, I was trying to be funny with my first comment. You killed it. 🙁

  4. LOL You can’t lose something you never had!

  5. Thanx! That really does mean something comming from you. Gag me with a spoon why don’t you. *whatever*

  6. DO you even know what a bibliophile is?

  7. You know Tom….. I don’t really need to know what a Bilbiophile is. I am just sorry you are currently choking on one right now. As you said, you will be better on the 15 of this month. I am just “sorry” that you didn’t get my “jest” in the first place. But thank you for assuming that I didn’t know the word “asphyxiated.” And really, thank you for making that asumption quite clear. 😥

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