Limited Ends with out a Justifiable Means

I was going to type out a huge post regarding how bad and poorly run the company I work for is, but then I reconsidered this because it is really not for the public domain even though most who read this will be none the wiser of the details.

I had realized that just about everyone who is working, or has worked, has gone through a similar situation like mine before. Every job has its ups and downs—it is really how you deal with these situations that makes or breaks the “happy barrier.” The better equip you are to deal with upsets, then the better you are in the workplace for that.

I believe that everyone should have some form of education beyond high school. In recessionary times like now, employers are going to nit-pick through their human resources as they downsize. Now I have the opportunity to start using my skills. This will probably start to rub the wrong way with some of my co-workers, but c’est la vie; then they should have gone to school to learn how to be more proficient in the world around them.

I feel better already now that I typed that out of my system!

4 Thoughts on “Limited Ends with out a Justifiable Means

  1. Tom:
    It’s easy to say “how bad and poorly run the company is” but these are tough times for both employees and employers.
    I think it’s great that they are still even in business. I don’t even know what the business is but there are a lot of things that a business have to deal with to stay in business. Basic things like leases/mortgages – taxman – suppliers.

    I’ve been both an employee and an employer and I can’t help but shake my head at that one, come on, Tom.

    Hey – do you have any friends at work – or are they all at school? LOL
    I do agree with getting an education – it’s most important.


  2. Well, Gudrun, I have a unique position where I work becuase it allows me to see first hand some of the pit-falls I have to deal with that are company wide. An example is the records and book keeping that we must keep–someone modified our server and damaged our electronic files, and now all our files sit on one workstation. Yes, we have backups and hard copies, but now if payroll needs to get information they would have to drive from Langley city to Surrey to get them. Emailing a 10 gig file isn’t possible. The owners though that shutting down the server and taking the monitor so they could a installation job was more important than us keeping records. When I approached him about it, he replied, “ooops.” Our server is still down.

  3. Oh shoot, I forgot answer your other question about having any friends at work.

    I work alone now. Everyone that I deal with now are only in for very small amounts of time. I talk on the phone–a lot, and type emails–somewhere in the 10 to 20 per day range–and that’s it. I received, count, ship, count, email, count, phone, count and count.

  4. Okay – I’ve got a better idea.

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