Busy Signal

Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes by when you are just so busy? I have had moments in the last couple of days where I just wanted to throw everything in the garbage and walk away, but fortunately when I completed everything it felt like I managed to climb to the top of a huge mountain. I think I even mentally envisioned myself planting a flag on top of it?

What I have accomplished so far in the eight days:

  • I could manage to stay alive on 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night for the last week.
  • I think I have mastered the ability to see through people when they are dishonest.
  • What is written is not what is said, and vice versa – from the legal perspective.
  • People who want instant gratification will only end up paying for it in the end, i.e., getting the answer without the question.
  • Law and justice is primarily capital based: Justice does not flow unless there is lots and lots of money behind it: both in the criminal and civil legal circles. Then this means that justice then flows from the consumer under the banner of Liberalism, not under the principle of moral values. i.e., Corporate Law.
  • Under great pressure people seem to work better together, and their true values come out to serve the greater good.
  • I do not, under any circumstances like Calamari. I’ve gotten sick from it in the past, and it happened again on Tuesday. Do Not Feed Tom Squid!
  • Harry Potter Rocks! It’s just the big kid in me, but every once in a while you just have to pamper yourself—so I went to Colossus in Langley this morning to see it.

Now to start the last research paper for the term! The end is in sight.

2 Thoughts on “Busy Signal

  1. Harry Potter that good!?! We, and I mean all of us that can read in our little family, are reading the book first before we see the movie. 😉

    I will keep the sqiud thing in mind next time I see you in the next 100 years or so.

  2. I agree, reading it first would be the way to go becuase it never matches what the film depicts. The personal connection you make from reading the book outlasts the movie experience by a long shot. Well, it does for me. I admit that I only read two Harry Potter books.

    If you want me to vomit all over your house, sure, serve squid. *I smile like there is no tomorrow*

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