When the AC Power Supply Goes Kaput

It was at the halfway point of class last night when I notice that my laptop was only using it’s battery. The little wanting icon danced across the top of the screen telling me that I had less than five minutes left until it was going to shut down, and that if I did not heed it’s warning all of the data that I was working on will be lost.

I checked the plug to see if it was pushed into the wall outlet all the way, then to see if the plug was pushed all the way into the back of the laptop. Everything seemed like it was in place. Next, I checked the actual AC box to see if both cables were properly in place. It was then that I heard the crackling sounds of electricity arcing inside it. I unplugged it, then retried the connection, hoping for a small chance that this was a intermittent problem, but the arcing instantly came back but this time the smell of wires and plastic filled the air. I shut everything down.

Sadly, the cost to replace the AC power supply was just over a $100.00. I need the laptop, so I’d slipped into my emergency fund for just such an occasion. Thankfully everything came together.  The store from which I purchased the laptop had replacements, which is something vary rare according to my class mates, and the store was opened late enough that I could grab one before going home. The portability of having that word-processor and web interface is so important for me that going without would be a huge inconvenience.

This leads into why I have not being on the Blog for some time in the last couple of weeks. Classes and work are the dominant time suckers in my life. Both of these daily activities have completely consumed all of my time, even cutting into my sleep schedules. Work is still an on going circus because of the chaos from the downsizing. Funny, the word downsizing now has a code word phrase called, “moving forward.” It’s all semantics to me, but it really took me a while to make out the connection. Classes also took off with a huge unexpected turn in events when we took our exam two weeks ago. The prof admitted last class that she “screwed up” because she added questions based on material that was never taught in the course at that point. So, thankfully, she omitted those questions and my score shot up. I was seriously depressed after I wrote that exam. I remembered writing it and going through a moment of shock when I came across questions that I had no idea how to answer them.  I mean I did well, I passed, but the torment afterwords was huge. So all is well, and my grade is where I want it to be, represented by my favourite letter of the alphabet, the letter A.

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