They didn’t say it was Going to be This Ugly Out?

Yesterday had turned out to be a very muggy, wet, stormy day as a small thunder storm rolled through over top of us. It sort of approached us really slowly, and we could hear it from about 5:00pm onwards, but by 9:00pm, it was right over top of us, and it seemed to have just parked for the night. Right up until 2:00am there were random flashes of light and the distant rumbling of thunder.

What was so bad about yesterday was the sudden down-pour of rain. It came down hard and fast. And the temperature was not dropping either, so you had this muggy effect that left us hot and sweaty, but soaked from the rain.  I was with some friends doing the BBQ over on Brey Island, aka the Fort Camp site in Fort Langley, when all this happened.

Awe-yes, the barbecue. We planed for this a few weeks ago, and the weekend looked like it was going to be one of those very nice ones, you know, with the sun and all of that perfectness that you need for the best group outing ever. In fact, right up until Friday we figured that we were going to be in camping utopia.

[flv width=”320″ height=”300″]/images/camping_july252009.flv[/flv]

The video was taken from the cell-phone.  The resolution is garbage, and there is no audio; however, I may have access to a copy of it taken from a really nice video camera that one of our compatriots had with her—who braved the elements and took some really good scenes of the lightning. When I get a copy of it, I really want to post that here. The lightning was spectacular! We don’t get lighting shows like this very often here.

5 Thoughts on “They didn’t say it was Going to be This Ugly Out?

  1. I should of got some pic’s of what the storm looked liked on the island, it was really neat. The ski was a dark, pink – almost red, not a hint of blue anywhere. It was so pink that our white walls looked pink. It was almost like we were on a different planet. It was to bad that I was so sick during the week-end, getting off the couch was a chore to just to go out side and look at it. 😐

  2. Sounds like you have a bad case of the H1N1 bug. Summer flu is the worst! Get better.

  3. Ya, it was a bad 5 days of being sick. I am just starting to feel better. It wasn’t a flu, just your average everyday Rhino virus. Anyways, question for you. What is a Rowbotham application? Don’t be to legal about it, just the nutshell basics. Reading the paper and the term came up few times in a story I was reading. Just wondering what it that means?

  4. I know the term. Check this link for a basic brief definition:

    If someone can’t get legal aid, they can apply for a Rowbotham Application under certain circumstances–mostly defendants in large major criminal trials.

  5. Thanx. Now I understand the story better 😎

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