Breaking the Heat Record

According to the radio, CBC Radio 1, we broke a record for all time high temperature that goes all the way back to 1960 for Vancouver. But I can’t find a source for that little factoid. I’m curious what the all time high actually is, and by how much did we break the record?

Moments of today that really stuck out for me were:

  • Hardly seeing the keyboard and monitor from sweating so much at work.
  • Hearing crickets chirp for the first time for the entire day, both day and night.
  • All my pens that I left in the truck are no good as the ink oozed out of them.
  • So many students were absent from classes today–camping.
  • Laughing at the people recording licence plate numbers of vehicles who left their engines running while parked at a train crossing—if you have A/C, are you going to shut it off? They’ll be more than happy to pay the $55.00, thank you very much. I don’t have A/C in mine.
  • The poor mother with her child in a stroller—the kid was not happy.
  • Water is now a much talked about commodity.
  • Two more days for the Albion ferry—shut down for good.
  • Ice cream is so good! Any kind, it doesn’t matter any more.

Well, that’s it. I have being having some issues with my Blog, so I’ll spend some time working that this. I guess I’m starting to loose the need to blog? Maybe it’s the heat? Until next time.

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