No More Ferries in Fort Langley

The radio said that 12:00 noon would be the last sailing for passengers and then that would be it. It was 2:23pm when I heard the last blasts of the fog-horn from the Albion Ferry. I think it was for the workers to get back to their parking lots who took the very last crossing over the Fraser River. One small part of me is sad, but I think Fort Langley will do very well without the drive-through traffic.

Funny thing is, you would never have known that the ferry was shut down today with all the cars parked in the down town core. I think for Fort Langley, its next big challenge is going to be parking, and Trans-Link may have the solution for both this problem and for its own money deficit: parking metres and pay-parking. Edit: According to Councillor Jordan Bateman, of Langley Politics Dotcom, Trans link does not have the authority to do such things as impose parking meters, etc…, however the township does, but has no plans to impose any parking fees in Fort Langley. He also adds that more parking is coming soon to Fort Langley: see the comments for this post.

Added Aug. 1st, 2009

From the CBC Web Site: Albion Ferry makes final voyage (July 31, 2009).

The Albion Ferry has been running since June 3, 1957.

I have some photos from when I went down to the dock, but the ferry had already shut down when I got there. There were still lots of people hanging about though.

3 Thoughts on “No More Ferries in Fort Langley

  1. TransLink doesn’t have the authority to install pay parking, and I don’t foresee any scenario where the Township (Which does) would.

    More parking will come on stream in Bedford Landing next year.

  2. I’m glad TransLink cannot go there. I thought they could, or at least make the township do it in an effort to generate revenue.

    Fort Langley needs parking–badly.

    Where in Bedford Landing is this parking going to be?

  3. Near the Pub.

    I should make it clear: the Township IS NOT considering pay parking for Fort Langley.

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