Do Not Disturb

I am writing finals now. All of last week I have being writing papers so I haven’t being that much fun. Between now and then I have study groups to attend. Extremely busy.

I am also meeting with the admissions department of the university to see why my student credit and textbook deductions were denied by Revenue Canada for 2008. I suspect that this is just yet another example of a broken promise made by both the federal and provincial governments to me; however, this is more than likely an accounting error made by the institution.

3 Thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Good Luck. 😎

  2. Hi Tom….6 days of exams. Sorry we missed you call. Call tonight. We will be home.

  3. Tom!!!!!

    You just called. I missed you by one ring before the phone got to our message service. Sorry, but the kids and animals got in my way to the phone, I almost broke my neck. I am still home, not going anywhere tonight. Must worn you though I have a bottle of wine.

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