Specialization is Only a Single Point

Finally I wrote the last final on Thursday. That exam was intents, as 90 percent of it was written short answers combined with two essay questions at the end of it. The funny thing is, I don’t member some of the questions from the exam because I was so focused on the exam itself. There was so much material covered in that course that I was amazed, as I was writing it, that I was coming up with the answers at all. That probably had more to do with how tired I was from cramming, studying and preparing for the last two weeks of the semester.

My goal for the upper level portion of my degree is quality, not quantity. I realized long ago that there is no point in speeding through the degree requirements only to end up with average to below average marks. You pay way too much money for the courses, and the prestige is in the GPA not the time it took getting the degree. Although most employers seem to not care about the quality of one’s standard with their credentials, I know from personal experience that over time that quality will show through the level of skills and integrity of the work being done. I know far too many people who have B.A.s in their discipline, yet their overall GPA is barely above the passing mark. I do not want to sacrifice marks over “time to completion.”

The general theme of this last semester was law and government. The law portion of it was more or less based on the many aspects of law and society while the other half of my time was focused on how the government deals with issues on policing, intelligence and security. In between the two general themes were several other intriguing titbits of course material that provoked a sense of fascination for me. One of which was a short dive into trot law that took a rather unique spin at looking how Canadian law differs from that of U.S. and British laws in areas of liability and causation.

So, I’m ready for the next semester in three weeks. I have my courses paid for and half of my textbooks sitting in front of me. I’m very excited with the next term’s course line up. I’m doing my science elective and two upper level criminology classes, and that will take me right up into the season holidays in December. The end is so close now.

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