The Peace

Sitting here in my comfy chair wondering what I should do with my three weeks of brain-rest. I feel really good. Things are going good. Even the bad things that normally would make me rant and rave on the blog seems not to affect me. In fact, I am dead calm—perfectly relaxed.

My marks are slowly trickling in as the profs finish marking the finals. So far, so good. My first set of marks are nothing short of stellar. I am not kidding because I was even a bit surprised. I do have a beef with out my institution grades however.  I have discovered that on our GPA scale, 4.33 is the highest one can go. The GPA 4.33 is equivalent to 90 percent. When we complete our courses we are only given four bits of information as our final mark: the letter grade, grade point average, number of credit hours and quality points. We are never given what exactly the final percentage is of each course.

So here is my problem. I have been told that my CRIM3305 course final grade is A+, GPA 4.33, etc., and that is it. I know I did better because assuming if I did really poorly on my final, like 60 percent, then the end grade should only drop down to a letter grade of A- or 80 percent, as the final was a weight of ten percent. So I could have gone ahead and not written the final and still have gotten a grade of B+. So the letter grade only goes up to A+ which equals to 90 percent. So I have no way of knowing if I exceed the 90 percent level. Neither the GPA nor the letter grade will tell me.

Here is a link from UBC that gives an example of the 4.33 GPA scale: CLICK HERE. And if you want to use a free web based calculator for adding up and figuring the GPA calculations with your grades, or just want to fool around with some sample grades, try this link: CLICK HERE.

The reason, according to one of my past profs, is that the University averages out and cuts off any mark over 90 percent as an “excellent achievement” and that is all they need to know because you are in the top ten percent. They just top off the scale because anyone who is in that group does not need further evaluation.

Taxes. Need I say more?

But I am still in peace. I am a leaf in the wind, see how I fly.

2 Thoughts on “The Peace

  1. Come for visit for a couple of days. Dima jr. can give you French lessons. 🙂

  2. That Ferry is to expensive. Because of cutbacks, all travel has being stoped. Maybe next year.

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