How Dare You Dump Your Garbage on Me!

I had written this on August 1, 2009. I had completely forgotten about this post—so better late than never. Oh, I did hear back from D.M., and he is doing fine. He is still in Germany.

August 1, 2009: I think everyone at one point in their lives has had the friend that has moved and inherited some of their stuff. You know, the friend that just could not throw out anything, and because the moving truck was completely stuffed, you were their next logical choice to have it.

A good friend of mine, D.M., has moved out of town and is relocating his life in Europe. He has graduated (Criminology and Science Major) and got the job opportunity of a life time to work in the field of international law enforcement. He could only take very little with him as his transport arrangements only allowed for a very small shipping container. The logistics are one thing, customs are another as the amount of time to fill out the paperwork for the move far exceeded the time it took load the box. I never seen so much paperwork in my life to move one container.

We were joking that it might be easer to move into Northing America than it is into Europe because of all the security and insurance arrangements needed.

When the moving truck came to take the box away there was still a lot of items left in the apartment. Naturally there was me to be counted on to take care of the loose items. I repeatedly said that I was not going to take anything—and I made good on my stance. I have no room in my humble dwelling, and I was not going fill my living space with extra stuff, so off to the landfill it went. I was given some money to take care of the disposal, and dispose I did.

The guy at the Surrey Reclamation Centre thought I was nuts throwing out the truckload of stuff I had. I told him we tried to get the thrifts stores to take it, and even had ads on Craigslist, but not a nibble because no one wanted to come and get it. Plus the time we had to get rid of it was very short too; all of this took place within the last three weeks.

Actually there was one thing I kept from his move that now sits on my counter—his red lava lamp.

His slum-lord had the apartment rented out moments after he gave his notice. People are still flocking to British Columbia from Eastern Canada. A couple had moved in from Quebec because of the economic crisis there, so they were very grateful that they had found something close by to where they work—even though I found out the slum-lord had upped the rent from $750.00 to $875.00 per month for the 1.5 bedroom suite—they were still grateful that they have a roof over their heads now.

So in about a week I should hear from D.M. to get the stories about how the European lifestyle is treating him. He will spend two weeds in Cologne, Germany before he finds out where he will be permanently stationed. I think Canada will be well represented in the world of crime fighting at the international level. Good Luck D.M..

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  1. Hi Tom

    I have some really good news. I got a job at the care home I was talking about in my blog. I am really excited. Talk to you later.

  2. Congrats Julia! That is great news!

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