A Congratulatory Post to My Sister

I got some news yesterday from my sister, JM. She just found her first job at the start of her professional career as a caregiver in the health care system. For the last two years she had gone to college were she put herself through the rigours of evening classes and achieved all the necessary skills to work in this profession.

What is monumental about this turning point is that there were huge odds against her from seeking such employment opportunities at the start, and up until now. As we are all well aware there is a recession, or depression right now, (depending on whether you are employed or not) and any civil servant job, albeit from a public or private position, are very hard to come by. The cut backs in British Columbia are going to be huge as our provincial budget update coming this September has already started to leak out to the media. Even today, lay-offs and  hiring freezes are in effect at most care homes for the elderly. Long term care and nursing positions have being drastically frozen too as every budget in the public sector will be trimmed. The money just is not there to support the system right now.

My personal belief is that jobs are always going to available in this segment of the work force because the tail end of the baby-bombers are just 10 to 15 years away from hitting retirement—that is simple logic. Public or private, the demand is most definitely going to exist and grow over the next 30 years for senior’s nursing care. With so many people getting up into their golden years and living longer, the toll on the healthcare system is most likely going to be tax to its death. Canadians are not going to take being asked to pay for higher taxes, so electing governments that promises tax-cuts is now the trend; just look at our federal government right now and see what they represent. However, Canadians will demand their healthcare, and it will not be there for them unless they can pay for it privately because the public purse will shrink. As I see it, the healthcare system will just be the shell of its former self.

With all of this doom-and-gloom, getting a job right in the middle of the economic downturn is a triumph of both good fortune and hard work. Perhaps the real message I am saying here is that education is the key to weathering a good economic meltdown. We will always have labour in the workforce at any time, but specialists and professionals are always going to be in demand no matter where you sit in the business cycle.

2 Thoughts on “A Congratulatory Post to My Sister

  1. Hi Tom….

    I need to correct you. I went to college for 8 months to be a care giver. But it was still hard doing the classes part time and looking after a young family.

  2. Meh, it sound nice the way it is. Just like when you went to school: the driveway was ten KM long to the bus stop, and the snow was a metre deep, and you had no shoes… . Just go with it.

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