Tom’s Two Rants and a Vent Post, Really I am Happy

I guess time sort of got away on me there. I was going to finish my post, the second part to the “One Box to Many,” that I wrote three weeks ago, but I got tied up with the start of the fall semester and a unexpected serge at work.

I have a couple of vents I want to get off my chest. The first has to do with federal politics. I am not a big fan of the Liberals, nor the Conservatives. In fact, I see any right wing government as a social detriment to everyone. Hey, this is my opinion, and I am sorry if you do not agree, but I just do not trust them. My vent comes from the ads that are popping up on the airwaves. I do not care if there is another election, I just do not want to suffer through more right wing mud slinging and political propaganda.  Damn it, the vehicle ads are enough to wreck a good show on the TV anyway, we do not need added distractions. Please stop it.

People think Fort Langley is turning into a police state. No, that is not true. The criminals who are getting caught are because neighbours are starting to take a vested interest in their own community now. From the guy who passed out on the bench only metres from the pub, to the young woman who threw a beer bottle that smashed on the road on Glover, are probably wondering why they were confronted with a COP (constable on patrol) in mere seconds. Simple, folks phoned and complained about you. So rather having police patrolling 24/7, people are taking up the cause. I say “good for you” for doing that. How else are crimes like vandalism and drunkenness going to be nipped in the butt if everyone turns a blind eye? Go get them Fort Langley!

The School Boards and the bad old BC Government. I cannot say there was not any warning on this one. Yes, we are in a economic crunch, and everyone is suffering. But we like our roads, schools and courts to run. Someone has to pay for that. With so many unemployed, and other revenue lost due to extreme cutbacks by the consumers, the deficit was predictably going to hit records numbers. Even a government that was facing an election could not hide that one. Sure they “low balled” the numbers, but all of us should have known that know one could have really said they did not see that coming. The money must flow, so if you do not have it, well, at least there are still some support system still in place to help you out. But I like the guy in Langley City who will not fork out the $25.00 for his Son’s school gym swag. That is one way of dealing with it. I must keep an eye on that story as it progresses; it could be big.

There, venting all done now. I feel great. Summer almost done—must enjoy!

The photo was done with POV-Ray and Kpov Modeler (KDE), and edited with the GIMP.

One Thought on “Tom’s Two Rants and a Vent Post, Really I am Happy

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the federal political situation. Frankly I’m fed-up with all three major parties.

    Actually, I have more respect for the Bloq Québecois. Too bad I don’t live in Québec and don’t believe in separation.

    What I think would be REALLY awesome (and appropriate in this circumstance) is for the Governor General to not grant Harper’s request to call an election (should the Conservatives be defeat in the House) and ask another political party if they feel they can form a government. It has precedent…

    .. well I can dream! 😕

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