A Round and A Round, I Hate Things That Spin

This is funny. I have to do this assignment  in my science class where we must take sky observations of the stars and draw them onto a piece of paper. This has several problems. I finally gave up and went back inside, and will probably guess the rest the observation part.

My first problem was figuring out how to orientate the paper, drawing it on the hood of my truck, to get the orientation of the sky above me correct. I fixed that by just standing and facing Northward then looking up and drawing all the stars I could. But looking further South became a problem as I needed to lay down on the grown to look behind me South word, but that made drawing more difficult because I no flat surface to draw on then.

My second problem was repeating this “look up and gaze” and “look down and draw” several times, always double checking to see if everything was in proportion to the sky. This is where I ran into some serious trouble with vertigo. The gaze-look routine soon started making me sick, and I had to sit down inside my truck to settle things down.

The next thing that happen was the construction site across from me has out door lighting, but halfway through my exercise they turned on their high powered flood lights that lit the building and all the mist around me up. That took away any chances of good quality star gazing for tonight. I think if I had asked them to turn off the lights they would have probably tazered me to death. Security at construction sites are a big deal these days.

Well, at least I got most of the exercise done. The Math I probably have 90 percent completed now, and the observations are 75 complete too. I still have to go outside because we have to observe and record how much the sky has rotated in a one hour period, and note which direction the stars moved, either clockwise, or counter clockwise.

One last observation: Looks like summer is almost over! I forgot the equinox is just hours away. It is getting cooler out there now.

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