May the Good Times Start to Roll

I am happy to report that the economic downturn is starting to level out and I could be starting to see a positive spin for a change. Regardless of what the media says, “Tom’s true indicator of the economic climate is in his wallet.” So far the cash flow has never been disrupted, but there were some scares over the last twelve months that, thankfully, never played out. Still, the cost crunching are still in effect as run-a-way inflation is still a very real possibility to deal with in the future.

In the balance of it all, the company that I work for seems to be on the rebound. Despite all the set backs and hits to the credit industry, there was a hiring spike last week as three former employees were repatriated back into the payroll. Oddly enough however, all the re-hires are occupying different position from their previous ventures.

I must also stress too that the current layout of company operations are completely different than from before the meltdown. The current working environment has completely changed from when I was hired into at the beginning of my time with this company. Money is spent differently, work is allocated at a more meticulous means and middle management is completely decimated.

I suspect that once we return back to the previous level of economic growth we will also return back to the old ways of doing business. Already one manager wants to spend a considerable amount of money rebuilding inventories up so that any new accounts will not have any delays with job start-ups. The risk is that we may not be in the full glory of economic utopia, and the saw-tooth business cycle could bite us with another downturn. No one wants to be stuck with a warehouse full of inventory that is not moving, or over priced—under valued.

In the mean time life is looking up and a modest recovery seems likely. Now if we can keep the pendulum swinging farther then maybe the winter season will be a cheery one too.

One Thought on “May the Good Times Start to Roll

  1. I am happy for you and your wallet. Cheers.

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