OK, I’m Dealing With it

OK, I’m dealing with it. Leaves are falling from the trees like crazy and the nights are frick’n cold now. A friend of mine today said, “What’s a guy to do? Ain’t none of us have any say in the matter, and the seasons are going to change regardless of how much we gripe about it, so we just got to deal with it.” Oh, he is so right.

I started the last stage of winterizing the home today. I bought storm windows for my bedroom and kitchen, so I figure that might save me a few dollars this winter. I’m still remembering last year when we got the mother-dump of snow that stayed around for almost a month. That image of driving on ice for several weeks is firmly implanted in my memory still, and I shutter to think what we are in for next. I noticed a lot of people in Fort Langley doing the same thing, buying storm windows. I remember many people saying last year how their heating bills shot up, right with the unemployment rate–that was an awful time for most. We, in the Fraser Valley are not used to such harsh conditions like it was last year, and we are not equiped to deal with that kind of environment-period. I know, you can stop playing the violins now!

I am glad someone else has to rake them. This is why I pay the big buck to live where I do, so I don’t have to rake and mow the lawn. We also want the lovely trees around us too, that shade thing during the summer, but they are a pain in the butt when they drop their leaves. I’m dealing with it.

2 Thoughts on “OK, I’m Dealing With it

  1. Are those 2 blocks still in the warehouse… almost time to weight down the box, eh?!


  2. Do you mean the “two cement-heads,” or the patio-blocks? Heh heh!

    I think we have another month to go. *fingers crossed*

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