Hey, It Was Nice to See Free Parking: Just Wish I knew About It.

A gift, or a good deed, anything like that is nice. When something is done unexpectedly, and out of the blue, it makes it extra sweet and heart felt. But I think I am selfish when it comes to unexpected surprises like free parking, or free admission becuase I then wish I had known about it beforehand and could have made previous arrangements to extend the enjoyment of it.

Take for example today. Free parking was offered, but I knew nothing about it. Before I got to the campus, I had raced to get to my local laundromat to convert some dollar bills into coinage for the parking machine. Because of that little detour, I was late getting in, hoping to avoid the between-class stampede of people coming and going into the parking lot.  I raced like “Surrey car thief on crack,” getting to the campus, trying to beat the rush. Unfortunately I hit the mass of vehicles crawling in and out of the parking lot. For all my efforts I idled into the parking lot for more than ten minutes searching for any spot to park. This is what I saw when got to the parking-ticket machine dispenser.

When I approached the parking machine and saw the sign, I hung my head and limped back to my vehicle to get my books. I felt wounded and defeated, but was $4.00 richer. “Was it worth it,” I muttered to myself?

2 Thoughts on “Hey, It Was Nice to See Free Parking: Just Wish I knew About It.

  1. Hey, Tom’s birthday is coming up, on Monday everyone. He must be getting old and grouchy!

    Ha ha, Tom. You can run but you can’t hide.

    Cheers, diane

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