Lots Going on – Packed into Three Days of Goodness

Besides the homework and other daily chores, I have got my fingers in a lot of pies right at the moment. Some of my things to do went well, while others did not. But in all, so far, at the halfway mark of the holiday weekend, things are getting checked off and competed which is nice.

Computer Happiness: Probably the most tenuous and life altering plan for this weekend is Beta testing the new upcoming Ubuntu 9.10, code named, Karmic Koala. So far it is showing great promises, like the super fast boot  up time and shut-down. I was a little nervy dealing with the new to log on to my user account, now you must click on your user name and then type in your password. I guess it is better being that you had to type in your user name than your password, but for living with typing for so long, almost six years now, it has become a serious habit. I could easily write a whole post on it, but I’m still finding little bugs, so maybe later on next week. For now, I can say that it looks very promising. And yes, I am submitting my bug reports.

Cram Them Berries: Fort Langley just had its Cranberry Festival yesterday. I was not in attendance because of other commitments like homework and some letters that needed to by sent via email, but I sure heard it. The one time I went over to the market, I saw hundreds of people lining the streets walking around the vendors table that packed the main drag. The town was packed. I think is was a success, so I will wait an see when I talk to my friends who have shops along Glover Road.

Another B&E: My friends house, where I am storing some of my things, was broken into on Friday. They did take some of my things, like some tools, a box full of old vinyl-records, and 500′ of LXR microphone cable, but my friend lost way more than I did. Probably the total value of my loss would be around $400.00, but I have had that stuff for so long so it is hard to say if it is really worth anything any more. I am mad, somewhat, but completely taken back by it. These were things that I have had in storage for well over eight or nine years, so missing them is highly unlikely. But the funny thing is my buddy decided not to bother with phoning the police. Because breaking and enterings are so common in this area the last time this happened the police gave him the story about how they are powerless to deal with it, and that he should take it up with his insurance company. Well, he decide that it was not worth his time dealing with the police, and “if they are not going to fight crime, I will have to.”

This is a common thing I hear as a criminologist, when people get frustrated with high crime rates. I warned him about the usual points of law, mainly that he cannot commit a crime by preventing one. So I had advised him on taking other measures like a fence, lighting, alarms and a dog.

The Power of the Pen: I’ve being asked to take part in a letter writing campaign about taxation and government spending. A group of students from various universities and academic facilities have joined forces to start a three month long letter writing campaign to all levels of governments to fight the decline in services for middle and poor class people, and the sudden hike in funding losses and increased taxation. This should be fun. I have never written letters in this fashion before. I was told that these letters should not be in the form of a protest letter, but rather as from the point of view as a  concerned citizen as part of a larger interest group. Apparently there are over twelve thousand of us?

So, off to get my list of things done. Enjoy the long weekend everyone and happy Thanks Giving!

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