My Toes Are Cold!

It was a cold one last night. I remember rolling over in bed grabbing as much blanket as I could to wrap around me becuase the room was freezing. I was too cold to turn the heat up. When I did get up, the sun was shining through the cracks of my window blinds and  so I was tricked into thinking that it was warming up outside. Boy was I wrong.

Apparently it was about minus one degree, and cold enough that when I went outside the grass had frost in it still, even after the sun was out for a couple hours. It is just weird seeing trees around me with so much green on them and dealing with below freezing nights. I felt my nose sniffle–flu season?  Great!


But we are the lucky ones in Canada so far becuase I was talking to my mother, who lives in Alberta, and she told me that as of today the temperature was a killer minus fourteen with ten centimetres of snow on the ground where she lives. Now that sucks! But at the same time it makes me happy, and warmer, to think that we are only dealing with much warmer temperature where I live. So I’m taking out the winter gear: coats, boots and socks. I am not going to freeze this year if I can help it. Right now my toes are still cold from a short walk into town.

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