COD because it is DOA, not RMA, so ASAP!

I think I just experienced shipper receiver hell today. At my work I have being given the task of running the warehouse. I mean, why not, it is a job, and it fits my hours for classes really good. In fact, now that I have being given exclusive rights to the facility, and life has being an exceptional bowl of cherries with not one pit in the lot. I am, in all its glory, my own boss.

Well, with such privileges come much responsibilities. I am well into my third year of a job that was supposed to be only a seasonal deal to begin with, but that is how the employment Gods work their magic. Sometimes the Gods throw in some challenges, which I am sure is just their way of testing a person out, making sure you still have respect, and are kept humbled and lean before you get to cocky. Since the start of my stint with the company I have gone through many transformation, and somehow I have managed to stay, outlasting all those around me in this stint of employment, but I am a one man show now. I do work alone, and I have to rely on “number one” because help is either through email, or a phone call which is usually to someone who is drowning just as much as I am, or worse.

The Canada Post Mail lady, of whom is drop dead gorgeous, gave me supreme heck because I lock-up so early. I only work part time hours. So she said that she would get grief if she had to “card” our mail box because we were not there to accept parcels. I thought it was not a big issue myself, I mean, I have very rarely received anything substantial through Canada Post ever, so I had a hard time understanding why she was so “upset.” She pulled her car around to the back of the warehouse and there I saw stuffed in the back were over 50 small boxes that she had to deliver to me. This was nuts! An entire pallet of goods was being shipped, piece by piece, through Canada Post. So one by one she off loaded them.

And to make matters worse, as that was happening, another shipment arrived by U.P.S., which was C.O.D.! I had to track someone down at the office with a credit card to pay to for it all. That took nearly a half an hour to get a number and run it through. This was when the circus started. FedEx, and Purolator both dropped in with several boxes of large item stuff that they had for me, and as usual they wanted to get in and out as fast as they can so they can continue on with their routes, but they were stuck in line waiting for me to get through the deluge of cases and boxes being piled in the receiving bay. I just wanted to sign anything and get them out of there.

The next thing I knew when I finally stuck my head up to see how everyone was doing, I saw all four drivers standing in a circle talking about how bad their day was and reminiscing about some of their worse deliveries they ever had. Both Purorlator and FedEx got out first, then U.P.S., but the poor drop dead gorgeous mail lady was still going through her stuff, one box at a time, then waiting for me to verify it on the packing slip.

With a half smile, and huge tired eyes, she finally left to finish the rest of her route. I turned back and there on the floor was over eighty boxes that needed to be received, and then followed up with the paperwork.

That was only the first half of my day. I am not even going to type about the rest of it.

4 Thoughts on “COD because it is DOA, not RMA, so ASAP!

  1. 😐

    Ya I remember the days… glad it’s not my responsibility anymore…

    You know, you could have said NO… 😉

    I see nothing has really changed… not really.

  2. Woah – He lives!

    Hum, Well the nature of the business hasn’t really changed, but the operation sure has. The nature of the job, its hours and flexibility still suit my needs, so I consider myself quite happy and fortunate. I am certainly making more money per hour than I did 6 months ago!

  3. “I am certainly making more money per hour than I did 6 months ago!”

    😯 I sure as hell hope so!

  4. Yes, even more so than our good friend Philip.

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