Just an Update On Myself: For Those Who Need to Know!

Here is my status so far. I have one more midterm, scheduled for Thursday in physics. That exam will be a huge one becuase it is worth 30 percent of the total course. But for tomorrow I could have a possible conference for tomorrow night which is related to the Olympics games coming up in Vancouver. I have yet being given any further details from the prof as to where, when and for how long. I hate last minute.

On Wednesday, it appears that the Ubuntu, Linux meeting will go ahead. We are celebrating the release of version 9.10, aka the Karmic Koala. I love these events becuase they are growing almost doubling in size at each release, and you meet really wonderful people who are very enthusiastic. I’m not sure whether it will be held at the community centre or on of the high schools. I will post it once I get confirmed details. I wish I had a link to the web page too, but once I get that I will post it too.

Things are looking very good. It is almost weird that all around me things are still bad, like the economy, yet I cannot complain becuase work is going full steam ahead. Though I am getting nervous seeing gas creep back up to $1.05 per litre.

If you need to contact me – email – please, as they frown on phones in the library. Bye for now.

7 Thoughts on “Just an Update On Myself: For Those Who Need to Know!

  1. Hi Tom….

    Glad to hear you are creeping up to your mid-terms. I will send good ju ju your way. Anyways, I have some good news from my end “I got the Viha job!” Just found out today. I should be starting in the next week our so. I will placed at the one of the longterm rehab hospitals for CVA’s and other brain trama victims. I am excited. I will be getting paid top dollor for my trade. My other goal for moving on with my education is starting to look like a reality. I am happy. I will be hard to get a hold off for a while. I will be working nights for the next 2 and half weeks with my first employer. Talk to you soon. Your sister.

  2. Yay! Congrats. This is great news. How does it feel to be a true professional? Nice eh? All those courses paid off.

  3. Thanx for the phone call. It was good to talk to you. Ju JU is Luck. Karma…that sort of thing. You can have bad Ju Ju or you can have good Ju Ju. Some would even say Ju Ju is deeper then “break a Leg” kind of luck. Good Ju Ju is is a good thing. Bad Ju Ju is – well. Bad. What comes around goes around. But when someone sends you Ju ju, Good Ju Ju….. That is a very good thing. 😉

  4. Well, sometimes receiving Jube-jubes (candies) are nice too you know.

  5. I havn’t had those in years.

  6. Got some?

  7. Naugh, they’re too fattening.

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