Arrrrrr, Lookie at the all Ye Window$ Pirates Out There Maties!

As a 100 percent Linux user myself, I get great amusement out of these numbers of pirated downloads of the latest Wondiw$ El número siete. Firing up my open-source bit-torrent tracker program, I decided to search the P2P (peer to peer) world and to see for myself just what activity lurks out there among the file sharing population; you know, the group of people who every right-wing government, corporation and self-centred capitalist all hate, aka as the “Free World,” by some, cheap by others. And before you think that the open-source community fits this definition, then I need to remind you of all the licence agreements that you are breaking before you give me the spiel. I can hear Mr Gates groaning in his office just across the border as the 78,000 leechers, and the 55,000 seeders (that is just on PiratesBay alone) making copies of the closed source money making software, sharing it all—for free.

What is interesting is that so many people are hoping that this will be the version to take MS Window$ from the most hated OS, to the best because of the last reincarnation called Vista was so bad. Even the word “Vista” has negative connotations now among the less fortunate who are stuck with it because they bought a pre-loaded lap-top or PC with it. I cannot tell you how many machines I have wiped it off with Linux just to correct some basic problems like the user being able to use to it? And I highly doubt it that the Spam and Virus problem will be fixed either, in fact, I predict that it will get worse now.

But before I leave my soup-box I want to say one last thing about what is happening with all the illegal copies of Window$ being sent across cybor space. You are reason why governments, like Canada, want to take control of the Internet. The criminals, and terrorist are just an excuses for the push to legislate laws to control the Intranet. It is the file sharing of copy-right and licensed protected marital that is at the root of this drive for ultimate control by governments. In Canada, we have the oligopoly of ISPs who serve the majority of the online users, mainly the broad-band connections, while only a small fraction are still using private, ghost and dial-up server providers. The new legislation will make it law to open these service providers up to the authorities and demand all records of your online activities. This legislation will catch anyone using their broadband connection for illegal uses, and will greatly increase the likelihood of prosecution.

Did I make you feel guilty? For more reading about Canada’s policies and possible future on the Internet and file sharing, please read some of these links:

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