It was the night before Halloween, and all through the town…

Yikes-I have being going like crazy! I lost track of time here. I am so tried, I just got from a nap, and my circadian cycles are shot to hell. An example of how screwed up I am—I didn’t get home from class until 10:45pm. This morning I had to get up at 4:30am, run some stuff, then head off to work which started at 6:30am, then off for a meeting for 3:00pm till 5:00pm.

Last night I had my class after the huge midterm in physics, the 30 percent exam that I dreaded. Just about everyone in the class was feeling the same way. The weird thing about this science class, as compared to most of the classes I normally take, is that the prof handed out the exam right at the beginning of the class so could go through it. In my liberal arts classes, profs always wait until the end so that we are fully focused on the lecture of the day, then dump the final results on us so we can ride the emotional roller-coaster and leave. The prof told us that the class average was very high for a third science class, a whopping 67 percent. Now, I would say that a mark of 67 percent really sucks, but then I sort of felt better knowing that if I did poorly then I wasn’t alone. I was happy that I didn’t fail, but I never got the happy mark I wanted. I was one percent off from a “A-”, so a mark of B+ will have to do for the first 30 percent of the term.

In amongst all of the hours of stuff going in my daily routines I managed to perform the upgrade on my home desktop to the Karmic Koala, aka Ubuntu 9.10 today. Actually it was fast because I was running the Beta for the last month, so the upgrade was only an hour long, including downloading, instilling and the final reboot. I’m very happy with it. I will blog more about it very soon.

Whoa! It just started to rain. It’s coming down in buckets! Might have to order in a pizza.

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