Yes, It’s the Big Day: Halloween Is Here!

It’s going to be a great night for the night of the dead, and all those kiddies, and big kids too, dressed up in costumes who are going to go out on the annual candy feast, the dead better watch out! And don’t let me forget that for the older kids, this is the night when the trick is worth more than the the treat. heh heh heh. The night will be almost perfect. Halloween this year is on a Saturday, so staying up late, parting with no regrets, is almost a certainty.  Also, the moon phase will be almost full, at 95 percent waxing gibbous, at 13 days old. The temperature for tonight in the Fraser Valley will be up to  a warm 12C, which is quite comfortable when wearing a heavy costume.

Added Around 7:30pm:

I walked around town for a few hours mainly to watch the various fireworks shows that were going on, but there was nothing big. There were lots of people walking around though. Only a few were dressed in costumes but mostly the average age group that I saw were the thirty somethings walking to the various house parties. A least they are not driving.

Interestingly I did not see one C.O.P. on the roads? Could it be that we are a well behaved society, or is it the silence before the storm? Stay tuned.

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