To Far Gone for November

November is a strange time of year for me and for most people that I know becuase this seems to be the time of year when change really happens, whether for the good or the bad. I remember the the very first day that me and a couple of friends first talked about this coincidence among our lives. I was just out of the high school, moved to  the big city, Toronto, and got together with a couple of newly minted friends to form a rock band when we talked about this. We wrote and played our own music, and one such song that came to be was called, “To Far Gone for November,” written by our percussionists by the name of Rob Calvert. I have long since lost contact with him, so hopefully he will seek out this post and give me a call. For Rob, November was a harsh time of year for him with a nasty break-up, death in the family, and so on. So we formulated, and postulated, that November is the time of year when you must really take stock of your life and focus on what is important to yourself becuase this is the time that change will be  drastic  all around you.

When I look back at those days I to have to say that a lot of stuff, like major events, have happen in my life around this time too. Even back then when I was first exploring the world on my own I felt the wrath of November’s grip. In  hindsight even our music band officially broke up on the last day of November in 1988. So I give myself plenty of warning each year that November carries change, and that I must be prepared for it.

Does this sound superstitious? Perhaps, but there seems to be some truth to it all. November is the second most frequent time of year when depression hits in North America. November is in Canada one of the most worse months for weather events, like rain and wind storms. November is also the most busiest time for retail, well in my work experience anyway so we are ask to push ourselves to the limit to get the job done.

I have learned to take November in strides. I take steps such as saving a little more and limiting my travel during this time of year. I have learned to pace myself, both at work and with friends to get through the month. I do not make promises that I cannot keep, nor over extend myself beyond necessity. These are lessons that I have learned throughout the past for the month of November. So I close with wishing you all a happy November, and may you fare well during this time my fine reader.

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