Another Rip-Snorter of a Breeze Coming Through

I was going to write about the sorry state of our environment, particularly from the perspective of where I work, but instead I’m going to dedicate this post to “bitching about the weather” because we have a lovely storm currently on top of use in the Fraser Valley. It’s ugly outside.

I’m in class right now, waiting for it start, so I figure I might as well use this time to scribe some stuff on the old blog, and crying about how crappy the weather is one of my favorite rants.

So, how bad is it right now? On a scale of one to five, this one is only a two on my scale. It is blowing in gusts, and giving off a little bit of rain, but not enough to knock out the power or anything. Actually, this morning at my work the power was only out for about an hour, then flickered on and off for the rest of the day.

The drive in to class was interesting. With the poor visibility, debris across the roads, people were still driving like it was a hot sunny day. One person in a very large black pick-up truck hit the curb and ran over a “no parking” sign when he swerved to avoid a tree branch laying across the road. The poor sign.

It will be interesting to see if the power goes during class. That would fun. I heard a rumour that the university has generators, so if the power goes out it would only go out for a few seconds. But this is only a rumour.

Well, class starts is a couple of minutes. See ya on the flip-side!

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