Remembering, and Those Issues out of Context

Today I walked by the cemetery along Glover Road where the Remembrance ceremonies were held to honour those who fought for our county and our allies and enemies alike. The turnout was impressive. It hit me that in my old age I can understand that during the time of the two great wars, and subsequent wars to follow, the sky was always blue, the leaves were always green and the birds always sang. Ninety years ago till now nothing has really changed, but only our technology. We are still the same bipedal hairy apes that need to eat, drink and sleep. Perhaps our knowledge has, but only if we have the Will to stop all of this nonsense so that we do not have to have a national holiday to remember those who fought and died for their country. Is it ignorance that we keep repeating history, or is it human nature that we keep on fighting?

The world of work has changed course yet again. Last week I was bombarded with so much chaos that I threw in the towel. Acting on news that I was going to be laid-off, I decided to do the most honourable thing that an employee can do which was quit as a matter of protest. There are some today (mostly employers) who still believe that it is law that all employees must give notice, at a minimum two weeks, or there are consequences. Apparently, news hit like a shock-wave throughout the company. The wave was enough to have the owner call me during the weekend and set up a meeting to find a solution. The three hour meeting yielded many fruits of opportunity and may pave a new path in my relationship with the company.  Already so much has changed as a result of this.

My article that I wrote for the student paper called The Runner is now in print. It is weird seeing your own name printed in a news paper. When they get their web site up and running I will definitely link it here. See full article here.

I have just submitted my courses for next semester. (Actually that was on Monday.) This upcoming semester will be one of the most ambitious ones yet in my quest for completion of the B.A.. My Achilles heal (thanks Diane) is language, in particular French, so guess what I’m talking next semester? Also, quantitative “advanced” data analysis, or what is lovingly referred to as statistics, will be the other major course in my curriculum. Like the little lemming that is about to jump off the cliff, waiting for it causes more anxiety than the moment that you actually reach the bottom. I just want to get it done.

One Thought on “Remembering, and Those Issues out of Context

  1. Tom – I really enjoyed reading this post. I am especially glad that when you felt compelled to act at work, that the result was that you discovered you were valued.
    I know how strong your work ethic is and I’m really happy for you that there will be changes now to create more of a win/win situation all around.
    Way to go!

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