The World is One Big Blob of Light

Back on Friday I completed the second half of my eye exam. This was the part of the examination where the Optometrist puts a couple of eye drops in my eyes that causes the pupils to dilate and then seeing becomes much more difficult, especially from object that emit light. My pupils looked like the size of loonies, they looked all black – a very freakish look I might add. They do this to your eyes so they can look at the back, inside of the eye, at the retina, to look for damage or irregularities. Fortunately my eyes checked out good for that part of the exam.

The weird thing was, when my vision start to change, it made me realizes what would happen if all of a sudden my eyes gave out. Even with the reduced vision my eyes stung when I went out side, and was even with the sunglasses on; light was going to hurt, the kind eye doctor warned me about before she applied the drops. She wasn’t kidding either. As I waited until later that night when it was dark out to take a walk, even the streets light hurt. Yes, I was wearing my sunglasses at night too when I went into the shopping market!

The whole eye thing is making me depressed. Mainly it is the huge cost of the glasses themselves. I have never used glasses before so the whole notion of getting tested and buying your first pair was never something I had to deal with before. The first thing that got me was the price, or cost of the lenses and frames. When I went in for the second test, I had asked several friends to tell me what I should do. They all said that I should seriously shop around for glasses at other shops and do price comparisons. The lady that spoke to me after I completed the eye exam, while I was half blind, started showing me the different brand names that they carry in the store. The break down of prices for what they recommended was $223.00 for the frames, and $242.00 for the lenses (including anti-glare and scratch treatment) which works out to a total of  $465.00 with a $100.00 “cash back.”

However I did see, pardon the pun, something that was remarkable while I was sitting and experiencing my eyes going through the pupil dilation phase. I witnessed a young girl who also had just got her first pair of glasses, and she could see for the time objects far away. It was sad, and yet funny at the same time because she did not want to wear them, but was amazed, even shocked, when she had them on. The doctor took her outside in the parking-lot where she could see up at the buildings and the tops of the trees, things that she could not see before. But it was wearing them that really bugged her. I laughed when the doctor said that they really made her look beautiful. I think the little girl was then convinced that she should wear them after that endorsement.

When will I buy my first pair? I don’t yet. Time and cost are my deciding factors. I have to pay for next semester’s course, and already I four assignment due for next week. I may have to wait a few more weeks before I can release my hard earned money out. I will shop around though—that is for sure!

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