Funny Thing About Water…,

I am at my saturation point with water, or rain, over here on the “Wet Coast.” We have had three pacific storms in the last week hitting the Fraser Valley, and there are rumours that we may see a bunch more for next week. When I compare daily entries in my journal from this time last year, we are shovelling snow, setting records for snow falls and low temperature, and here we are this year with weather that makes me want to wear shorts – but is still too cool for that.

The other side effect with these fall and winter storms are the winds. Last Monday I woke up with no power, and had to really watch the road when I drove into work becuase most of the traffic lights were out. People here still have  a hard time with the 4-way stop procedure at intersections. The pattern for wind-storms seems to be occurring mostly at night and early mornings, but fairly calm during the early afternoons.

Flooding locally is now an issue. I noticed that some of the little creeks and ponds along the countryside have swollen to little rivers and lakes. It is amazing to see a golf course completely submerged in water, and yet people are still golfing on them? Tards? I have seen it rain here before but not like this; however, what is different is that the flooding this time is caused from all the fallen leaves blocking ditches and storm drains. We are getting our usual 100mm to 200mm of rain, so nothing new there. But what happens when all those little rains drops have no where to go? Funny thing about water… .

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