Need to Write a Post Before the Month is Finished: Neglecting the Blog.

I really shouldn’t be doing, but I need to-the need to write something. This is the big week where everything comes to a head for my fall courses, and time is in short supply. There is just so much to do, big projects, research papers, presentations, and then of course the finals.

The last week has being a blur. I actually thought today was Tuesday and was planning my day around that notion. Yeah, I felt stupid when I finally realized that it was only Monday and that I still had four more days left in this week. My brain is in overload right now, so dealing with the bigger things is just not happening in right order.

My friends in my classes are feeling it too. I can see the difference in attitude from all of them. I now know why academics can be so anal all the time – this is where it comes from. You are pushed so hard, and the need to preform with perfection is so great that somewhere along the lines you loose your humanity. This is a dangerous time for students who are around those they care about because at any time they can snap and fly off the handle, or do or say something really stupid.

I think the worse thing that can happen to someone in this situation are those who come to the conclusion that they just don’t care any more.

Well, I have spent enough time here. I have cleared my head enough to continue writing on with my current paper that meeds to be handed in next week. At least I got the final post in for November, before the month is finished. It is these little accomplishments that count too, and I have to learn to recognise them.

One Thought on “Need to Write a Post Before the Month is Finished: Neglecting the Blog.

  1. Tom..

    I just sent you a message. A message importamt. Our Computer not very well. If you did not get that message and then I will let you know now. DM will be having open heart sergury with in the next year. Not a Joke. Anyways, e-mail us back. a lot to handle, I know. Jm

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