Wow, I’ve been Gone This Long?

Not exactly been keeping up with the blog, but I can sure tell you that I have being keeping busy. A little recap might be in order here.

Two weeks ago I started into the last stretch of the semester. One of my classes dealt directly with the Olympics. In fact, it was that class that I spent most of my time on. One of the problems that I had with it, along with most of the other students, was having the majority of the assignments so close to the end of it. The biggest assignment was the research paper. Gathering data for that was a huge undertaking, and added to it, becuase this was considered a non-published paper, we sort of had to treat it as if it was going to be published, meaning that it had to passed an ethic board. The joke is, not one University in the world would ever allow one of its students to officially criticize any part of the Olympics if was part of being a host for any of the Games.  Being so close to Vancouver and the 2010 Games, you could imaging how a paper that compares criminalizing the poor while hosting the Games–ya, it would fly like a lead balloon by an ethics board who wanted to keep its funding!

The research paper got completed on time. I was able to find huge amounts of data to support my thesis, but I completed it right to the wire.

Also added to that class was a poster, again it had to deal with any number of social problems with the Olympics, and one media review and a public debate summery.

Today is officially the last class for the Fall 2009 semester. All I have after today is a Physics exam on the 17th, and that is it. I’m free until January 10, or thing like that? These fourteen weeks felt like fourteen years. I am feeling pain from all these night sitting in this chair. You think I need glasses before, well, I think I have this monitor’s image burnt into the back of my eyes. I wonder if LCD monitors give off lethal radiation like the old tub ones?

Work is going. Actually it is going very smooth. Everyone around me is acting strange and getting all excited and blowing fuses. Maybe it is me, I am the one who is “weird” or something, and everyone around me is going through their normal cycles? Maybe that is the secret to work now in these day, try not to care? Somewhere in there is another Psychology research paper?

Julia, I will call this weekend when I get some time. It will be in the afternoon, so hopefully you are not working or on night shift. Everyone else, I will get to you very soon.

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