A Day to do Nothing: Sounds so Good

I meant to make today a day to do nothing, but that never happened becuase somehow word got out, and I did everything but doing nothing. Cries of help from friends with their broken computers-I have a strict policy that I no longer work on systems with Microsoft installed on them. They hate me now. My favourite coffee grinder died–it went up in smoke. I miss my dark roasted freshly ground beans cup of coffee. A next-door neighbour asked me for fifty dollars. I don’t loan out cash to people who want to buy booze or cigarettes with. Without even trying I woke up at 7:45am sharp. under normal circumstances that is sleeping in for me, but far too early for a Saturday.

Outside looks so bleak and barren with frost covering everything, and a coating of white ice crystals on the ground. I would not call it real snow, but we are close to having a dump of it according to what the weather service is saying on their web site. Having this last week of cold weather sure put “winter is coming” back into perspective. It is cold and dry–and almost everyone I know has chapped lips. I’ve managed to avoid the pealing lips syndrome becuase I think the trick is not to lick them. That reminds me of a very old joke I heard.

This lawyer wanted to go to a remote farm to visit a client of his, but he got to town during a major snow storm. The roads were impassable and none of the taxis would even consider taking him in these conditions. He found an guy driving a one horse open sleigh, and the lawyer asked him if he could take him to his client way out in the forest. The driver with his heavy, thick, French ascent said, “sure, no problems. I’m going that way also!” he said.

They both headed off on the sleigh.

About twenty minutes into the trip, while the lawyer was telling the driver about all of his adventures of being a lawyer, he saw the driver reach up to the horse and stick his finger into the horse’s butt. Then he started rubbing that finger around on his lips. It happened so fast, so the lawyer didn’t say anything, so he kept on talking about his adventures. Then ten minutes later, the driver did it again. The Lawyer just looked him with a puzzled face as the driver rubbed his finger around his lips. The Lawyer was polite, so he kept on talking, without making a fuss about what he saw.

They could now see the farm where the Lawyer wanted to go. The Lawyer started to thank the driver for driving him, and right at the moment the driver reach up to the horse and stuck his finger in the horse’s butt, pulled it out, and then started rubbing his finger around his lips. The Lawyer lost it. “Sir, what are you doing! Do you know how disgusting that looks!” he burst out with a loud voice.

The driver replied, “Hey do you see me with chapped lips!”

Yes I know, don’t give up my day job.

It is weird that now it is only 4:00pm and it looks so dark out. Summer is still fresh in my mind. The winter Solstice is only a couple of weeks away, then winter really starts. I hate the cold. Oh well–four more months of this to look forward to then we are back to goodness again!

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