Dump du jour: White Hell, or Lots of Fun?

It is official. Fort Langley’s first dump of the 2009-2010 season has started, and it is coming down with a vengeance. Also pretty and neat to look at for the first few minutes, that quickly changed once it was time to drive in it. The truck handles real nice in the snow, it is all the Tards out there who are still driving on their summer tires that are the problem. Already I have seen some foolish driving right off the roads.

I even had some time to take the camera out for a quick shoot in town today while the snow started to fall. I think I got some really awesome shots. My holly bush shots I think are the best so far, but I have one of some people trying to cover their heads with news papers while they were walking out in the wintry downpour. I need to set aside some time to go through them to pick out what I think are the best ones and throw them in the photo gallery.

Note that these are real Holly branches, and real snow in this shot. I just took this about ten minutes ago.

I was also amazed at how many people around me have had their waterlines frozen. I guess this is testament that we are truly not used to the cold like this. I learned that if all else fails, leave the water running until you can insulate the pipes. Nothing worse than not having that morning shower before you go to work!

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