When Snow Hurts, It Sure Hurts

Now when you want to buy some rock salt you have to stand in line for forty-five minutes to get your few allotted bags becuase everyone else is doing the same thing–or am I doing the same thing everyone else is? I gave up on buying salt. I noticed that the average person buying it was packing at least three bags of the stuff, and at $10.00 per bag, no thanks, I will wait for the cheep stuff. I still have a bag left over from last year, but I remember going through at least five bags becuase we never got our road ploughed once during the three weeks of white hell then. This year I fear the same thing.

What is worse now, is that the weather office has just upgraded its forecast to include freezing rain tonight. Did I mention that we are in for a storm, but with the last week being so cold, below freezing, any rain will surly turn to ice when it hits the ground?

So the weather office is calling for snow, ice/rain with wind, 50 to 70 Km/h gusts. Yeah… . The last thing I need is freezing all night becuse of a power outage!

I got a flat tire too. It was a heck of a time getting that thing changed. The road where the flat occurred was super busy, and the gravel part was not the best surface to work on. That waisted half an hour of my day fixing that. The garage told me that is was a screw, about 1 inch long that was longed into the tire, and that they were not sure if they could repair it.

So I’m at home now, and I’m going to stay put. Today could be cursed, so I’m not going to push my luck by going out again. This is a good night to stay and do some reading, and snuggle up by the electric heater.

5 Thoughts on “When Snow Hurts, It Sure Hurts

  1. Ah man! That’s nothing!

    Back in the OLD COUNTRY (Ontario) this was just a tease!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  2. Heh heh., Well, hindsight being 20/20, yeah, this was nothing, but what is real funny is how many people who didn’t bother to come to work, or were late today, blaming it on the weather.

    It was one of the best commutes I had in weeks becuase everyone stayed home.

    But I did have an issue with ice covering everything. Chipping out the truck took a few minutes. Other than that, the weight of the ice gave me lots of traction on the roads, and Langley City ploughed their roads this time – that was nice of them. 😉

  3. Ploughed roads…. LUXURY! 😯

    Ya, I wouldn’t know too much about the ice thing… my townhome has a garage… 😉

    Actually I had to rent a uhaul van this morning to go pickup my new kitchen island… she was iced over pretty good. No match for Ontario boy though! :mrgreen:

    Glad to hear you can put off the blocks in your bed for a couple o’ more days.

    Regarding your co-workers… hee hee, wimps! I just can’t wait until we get a lot more snow so I can do the requisite annual doughnuts in the parking lot… Parking brakes are our friends! :mrgreen:

  4. Re, co-workers: how do you “write up” your managers for excessive lates and absenteeism? It’s a frick’n plague around here with that. For the past two days not one of them answers the phones until 10:00am – when they finally arrive at work. 🙄

    Ontario Boy – you are in the most (tropical) temperate part of Canada. Enjoy it. Sure the rain is a little much sometimes, but if you don’t have to shovel it, then that is a good thing in my books.

    I just wish people would at least switch from their summer wheels to all-seasons!

  5. 3 word… smile and nod! 🙄

    Actually I do enjoy the not having to shovel, but with months on end of cloudiness, the SADS gets to me a bit.

    At least back home you can see a clear blue sky with the sun beating on your face as you gaze at your breath. 😉

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