A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed, Even in Open Source

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone’s face light up as they are learning something, or experiencing something new for the very first time that is positive and meaningful. Take for example learning a new program or method of doing a particular task that they never knew existed before, and it cuts down a hour long job down to but a couple of seconds. Welcome to the world of vector graphics, and the wonderful free open source program called Inkscape.

Sure, I’ve talked about it here several times before, but today a good friend of mine had his first experience with it, so this marks sort of a milestone in his development of working in the free world, and a opportunity to show it off again here in the blog. Inkscape is a vector graphics program that creates a wide verity of applications that are very easy to use and work with. Heck, my friend’s artistic cravings started racing as soon as I did the first demo with it, so it proves that this powerful, yet versatile little program is the “cat’s meow”! Plus, for open source software, it has very exceptional documentation too!

My friend was trying to develop a logo for his business. He knew what he wanted, but was unable to lay it out on the monitor and transform it into a image to be printed onto a piece of paper for his business cards. He tried using some fonts, called Ding-bats, but these were very limited to work with, and tweaking them up to what he wanted was next to impossible. But he tried, and he was getting very frustrated with the limited tools he had to work with.

Along comes good old Thomasso for a visit for Root Beer and cookies, and to do some routine computer service work on his machines. I suggested that he try a vector graphic,  i.e, Inkscape, instead of messing around with images and fonts, when he showed me his endeavours, and at least this way he could produce a first rate image that would be professional looking.

This took me five minutes to sketch up on my machine here at home.

I bet he is pounding away on his computer as we speak, clicking his heart away creating images for his little business, trying to come up with something like this. All this while he should be spending time with his daughter who is having her birthday today as well. His daughter is having her twentieth birthday, so she can tune him up if he spends too much time on the computer rather than eating birthday cake. heh heh heh.

What does this logo mean? It is supposed to represent the two seasons that his business works in. He is a heating and air conditioning specialist. So hot and cold are his speciality–broken furnace–he’s your man. I wish I could advertise, but I have nothing to give out becuase his business is brand new and is not officially up and running yet?

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  1. Wow!

    You REALLY like that root beer, don’t you?


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