OK, One More Day Till the First of Two Long Weekends

Oh yes! I can hardly wait. Another long weekend is just hours away. We are now into winter, my marks are starting come in from my profs, and things are looking good for the last eight days of 2009.

I got the first mark back from my fall classes on Monday. I was hoping that I would have them all by now, but I know one prof received the majority of all our course work just two weeks until the end of the semester, so I think he is still up to his neck in papers to mark. I am really hoping to have all of them by tomorrow.

My first mark is an Astrophysics course, and I am proud to say that I beat my expectations and received a mark of “A-“! This means that I am hovering around 75 to 80 percent range which is 10 percent higher than my pre-expectation was in the course. This also increased my GPA by 6/100 of a point, just 4/100 of a point form hitting honers material!  I need a GPA of 3.5 to make the honours roll.

I have being heavily focusing on my work. I have logged in extra hours over the last two weeks trying to get place set-up for the transition into the new system that we have coming up. I am really excited about the new changes, and more so becuase I get to spearhead them. I guess change is good when you have a stake in it.

So, one more work day left, then three days of solitude. I love solitude right now. Solitude is good, wonderful, nice. I am oh so looking forward to it.


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