It is Those Little Mistakes That Look So Cool

It is those little mistakes that look so cool becuase they look so neat, as they catch my eye in the file browser. I was digging through my archive files preparing for an upgrade when I stumbled upon a whole bunch of files that were about to be deleted from off of my hard drive. Most of them were old documents from classes gone by; stuff like rough drafts and working text files from project, assignments and research data from as far back as four years ago that are of no use to me any more. Most of the images were not marked, probably from being transferred from defunct/expired Microsoft programs that have long since outlive their usefulness, to shots from the old digital camera that worked only half the time. It was fun to travel down memory lane–but the files had to go as they took up a lot of space.

Both of these images are very recent, about a couple of weeks ago. I never really had the time to go through the whole batch, but these two looked interesting, so I kept them. The first one is from a train accident where a vehicle tried to cross over the tracks during the morning rush-hour, tying to beat the train before it blocks the road for twenty minutes. The driver was not hurt, but his pick-up truck was damaged badly.

I like the dark blue effect from the rain, and how the shutter speed on the camera was too slow for the dim light that was available for the camera settings I had. I was stopped on the road waiting for the police to move the vehicle from off the road when I took this. I had front row seats for this one.

This second image was a failed attempt at creating a 3 dimensional box using the sketching tool on a program called InkScape. I’ve talked about this program a couple of days ago here on the blog. It did not pass my approval, but I some how managed to keep it, probably becuase I invested so much time into it.

So we are just 4 days into the winter season and it is still looking like fall outside. I phoned my baby sister who lives up around Prince Rupert, and she told me that they are getting plus 15C weather with high clouds and some sunny periods! Hey, that is my weather they are getting! I want it back. Lucky people. Perhaps we will get our turn at the weather system that is brining them that unseasonally warm temperatures.

Wow, it is only Friday! Woo-Hoo! I love long weekends.

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