Status: Normal? I tihnk?

Although this is the last day of January, 2010, and this is the last day of the week, I feel I did not accomplished everything I wanted. Sure, I fell behind on my readings and there are a few tasks at work that I have yet to do, but I get this weird feeling that I missed a whole section of my life. Perhaps this is what it feels like when you go without a good nights sleep for so long, or you try to make every second of every day count and be as productive as possible that you forget to smell the roses? Or you forget that you have a blog and you miss writing in it?

Interestingly I have one more week before the Surrey campus shuts down for the “Games.” Many weeks leading up to the Games I was pissed off that my life would be affect by it, for example, the Games being a major inconvenience becuase I would be loosing three weeks of classes, but now I do not give a @%#^* any more, and I am actually very happy that I will have those three weeks to collect my thoughts and barrel through all of my reading and write my research papers too. So loosing classes is not such a bad thing after all, I mean, we will get an extra week added in April, so it is not that bad. I think the university thought this though enough to satisfy everyone on-board.

Money is my other big issue too. I have a several large bills coming up. I have vehicle insurance, along with the Air-Care, which I have devised a plan for tuning my engine since the “Check Engine” light keeps popping up and my mechanic can not resolve this. Yes, the evil geniuses who pollute the Earth have found a way to circumvent Car-Care, without breaking any of the manufacturer’s tamper-proof systems. Big Oil does rule the people, and the government, as long as you play by their rules–like buy a 2010 SUV. Gasp! My Server fees are also coming up next week too. There goes at least $100.00 on top of everything else. The rent on my Post Office mail box is due too. Cow–I have to really what my budget this month!

well, I feel a little more happier now, I wrote a post on my blog. Do I feel better? Yes, but only to a small degree. I am still too tired to enjoy the moment though, and I do have a mid term tomorrow. Mid-term. Great. My moment of happiness just flew out the window. Wonderful.

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