Escaping from the Tomb – Trying to Write a Single Post

In my little crypt called the office/bedroom, I sit. I have tired on several occasions to write a post, but every time up until now I had being either tired, busy or distracted. The main reasons are the bits of homework and alternating mid-terms from each of my courses that are always pulling at my available time. It seems that for each week I have at least one mid-term to study for and write. This doesn’t include the continuous weekly assignment from my Stats class, nor the constant rushing of French assignment that are done on-line through the course website. From Sunday to Wednesday I work in over-drive, trying to keep up, on top and ahead of the courses. Though though?

The end is near. With just a couple of courses left, I will completed my gaols. Already one of my “certificates” arrived by mail last week. I now have my courses completed from the Justice Institute, and along with  my Associates Degree in Criminology is now complete. In less than five months I will earned enough credits to earn my Bachelor of Art in Criminology, and then on to graduate school, which I have already started. Possibly, with some hard work, I will be invited to go into a Honours program, but that is still up in the air as the application process only allows students to apply once a year in January. I missed the boat with not having my language – thus French classes – ya, poor me.

I’ve already had my first long talk of the reality of working in the field of Criminology & Psychology among the realm of Corrections Canada –  if you hate your job now, wait ’till you start working as a Psychologist. My prof from my 4th year, who did his doctorate degree on studying sex offenders, told me this. He was dead serious too. I think this was that “talk” that the master says to his students before they embark into the world with their new skills, but it is hard to tell if he was just having a bad day or not? This was the same guy who told me that if I really wanted to learn French I should buy some French soft porn. I would have a small but effective vocabulary, but not very helpful if I was stuck in the middle of Montreal or Paris. Yes, Criminologists do have a sense of humour.

I’m running into old high school buddies – it’s the weirdest thing. Out of the blue this strange looking man, balding, grey hair and surrounded by four teens comes, starts walking up to me saying, “are you Tom?” Then next thing I know I’m being propelled back to 1989, and we start talking about the “good old days.” But due to our busy lives we agree to keep in touch and exchange numbers, then we continued on our way. That is another post, and for another time, but I can assure you all that I learned some very interesting things about people I knew a long time ago from my youth.

I like to say some things about Stats before I close. I got into a argument with a friend about statistics. My friend claims that there is absolutely no way that you can say anything, like make predictions, or assumptions, or correlations about the population from polling just a handful of people and call it a fact. To my friend and the rest of you, I say this: Scientists always start off by proving that their hypothesis are wrong, and they go to the extremes to prove that. If the effect is not significant, i.e., in the top 5 percent of the scores, than it does not pass as significant. A good scientists will always post their data, along with their assumptions, so that their peers, or you, can test them. The goal is that this give the rest of the scientific community a chance to replicate the data and peer review your findings – proving that you are valid, or off your rocker. Only those who have mercury running through their veins do stats for a living and have the title of statistician I should add.

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