As I Walk Through the Valley of Steel

This is going to be one of those posts where I may regret writing it. Normally I don’t like talking about the personal details of my life in terms of up to the minute details with commentary and graphics, but today is sort of a milestone of sorts. As the title says, “As I walk through the valley of steel,” this means, I am alive and well, and all is going great. Work is going so great too, that in fact, I have surpassed even my own expectations there. The Valley of Steel is all the steel shelving that I see everyday at my work. So, steel shelving is playing a big part in my life right now. Heck, it is even dominating it!

If you have ever worked with full-scale, massive sized warehousing steel shelving, then you will know what I am talking about. I am talking about the big orange and blue shelving that you sometimes see in the large big-box stores where you need a forklift to put things into them, and they tower up to twenty feet into the air. Well, for the last couple of days we have expanded our warehouse and started adding, rearranging and moving our steel shelving around inside the warehouse. I worked with a couple of very experienced and professional guys who know this stuff inside and out. They were worth every penny they asked for.

In the past I had worked with erecting and dismantling large siezed steel shelving myself, and it is not an easy job to do. In this warehouse, we all loath it becuase It is a tough job to do, especially with limited space and poor equipment. But when you have the right guys, the right equipment and lots of Will power, it all seemed so effortless. I am even kicking myself in the butt for not asking the professionals in the first place!

I could go on and on about cost effectiveness and efficiency, and all that stuff, but I am in the moment right now and I am not going to spoil it. In short, get the professionals–it will save you lots of time and money down the road.

But redecorating is like starting fresh again. It is like a second chance. On Monday morning I will walk into a whole new place. I am so looking forward to that. Also, knowing that things are the way “you” want them to be, is also a big thrill. A new desk, fresh coat of paint and a whole new layout, will greet me first thing on Monday morning–now that is the making of a happy worker.

One Thought on “As I Walk Through the Valley of Steel

  1. So!

    How’s the newly decorated digs?!

    Ya, I wish we got the pro’s last time too, might have actually gotten completed!


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