Spring Time in February

Time flies when you are having fun. I have being so busy over the last two weeks that getting time to sit down and focus on anything has being a challenge. Already the birds are up chirping an hour before dawn becuase they all think that is it spring time, yet it is really only the middle of winter, and the noise is worse than the periodic trains that passes by. Normally birds here don’t start their mating screams until April, or the very end of March, but this year, they are at it six weeks ahead of schedule. But that is OK as I’m up before the birds hit their crescendo of chirping, and I’m usually going to sleep well after the birds have packed it in for the night.

Why such busy days? I have being going full-out, both at work and on my papers for classes this semester. Work has really consumed a lot of time, but it will be worth it as the two week break will end tomorrow and everyone will return to their regular routines. I am looking forward to that.

There have being some developments in the family. Of course I am going to keep everything confidential, as the whole world doesn’t need to know the details, but some serious stuff has taken place. A good friend has passed away, and an family in-law has undergone open heart surgery–all within the same week. Although the operation went well and the family is relieved, the death of my friend has consumed most of my thoughts. Funny thing about loosing friends, I think they have more of an impact than loosing a family member. Life goes on and soon we will all pass away.

Well, time for laundry. Hopefully the laundromat is open now. They are late opening it up–which is part of the reason for spending this time typing out this post. I’m trying to maximise my time. [I’ll clean up the spelling later]

3 Thoughts on “Spring Time in February

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend… good friends are hard to come by…


  2. Take care of yourself while you are remembering and mourning your friend. It honours your friendship.
    I am sorry for your loss Tom

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