Mass, Volume, Density & Four Dimensional Doo-Doo sludge.

I’m back for a bit to slap together this post. There are a number things that are going on at the moment. Busy, is probably too loose of a word to describe the way things are going around here, but it is the only word I can come up with at the moment. Work, Education, family, friends, they are all adding up.

I’m using two servers, or web hosts, for this site now. I’m keeping my Stage5 host for this Domain until I can find the time to finish the migration over to my new host. My webserve account has a few more months left on it before I give them the “heave-ho” and have everything migrate over to a local company here in British Columbia. I will reveal the name of that web server once I finish the migration. Lets just say that I’m not happy with the level of service I’m getting. Sure, they all have good up time and routine good maintenance, but customer service is what makes or breaks a good product, and you don’t want to mess around with your on-line clients becuase migrating is such an easy thing to do. Hint-hint–you know who you are…

I’m nearing the Rubicon of the semester, and the “Drop-Date” is around the corner. This is when students can safely drop a course without it effecting their GPA. It is also the midway point of the term. Added to the stress, this is also the time of the term when each student must start thinking about registering for the next term. I know not too many people outside of post secondary education know this, but the on top of having mid terms and massive amounts of material to study, you also have to worry about selecting your classes, and waiting for your registration date, your window of time when you can pick your classes. If you are a good student with strong marks, then your date is close to the registration start date and there will be more to choose from. However, if you are more than three days passed the start time, then you will worry as the pickings are getting thin. Fortunately I have always maintained a healthy GPA and managed to keep myself within the 42 hour mark of the start date for registering. Nothing like a good dose of strees to keep the blood flowing, eh?

Later on next week I will type about the latest budgets passed by both levels of government, BC, and Canada’s. I’m going to have some friend’s who will be collecting unemployment very soon. More reason why people should go to University, or trades school and finish their courses. I really think the second wave of bad times are upon us now. Stay tuned.

Well, that is all for now.

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