A Moment To Myself: Or Five Seconds of One?

I have a moment to myself. I really wanted to type more on the blog, but life has being hectic as classes are gearing up for mid-terms.  Work has calmed down to the point where I can safely go back to my part-time status and still have everything run smoothly. I still get the odd Linux user asking/bagging for help, but time is of the essence and I can’t make more of it. If I could make a 25 hour days, I would hide the secret so no one could ever do it.

My French prof ask to talk to me after class today. He siad that I have developed some very nasty/serious habits with my oral vocabulary from the textbook. When I read from my textbook, I periodically pronounce the last letters in words when I shouldn’t.  He ask if I had someone to help me along with reading out loud. Sadly my last French helper has had to stop becuase he is too busy with his job. The problem with teaching French I find is that it is a slow process and getting it right is an ongoing process for the learner. My friend was very much into teaching it, but only if he had the spare time, like a half hour at a time kind of thing.  For him, English was his second language, so he preferred to stick with English, not the French, and I could totally understand his point of view.

Statistics, I’m rock’n. My grades are very good, however, I have this large paper due on Wednesday, and it is more work than I bargained for. I think the prof thinks I’m some kind of freak becuase I actually enjoy it. Apparently, you are not supposed to “enjoy” Stats–it is strictly a taboo subject and should be frowned upon. Oh well, I don’t mind the mathematics, and theory behind Statistics, and me and my lab partner have chosen as really good topic to do research on. Why not be happy about it? I wish I could apply this level of joy to French!

Anyway, that is all for now. I’m going to go to bed early and get some badly needed sleep. The four to five hours nights are catching up with me. Good night everyone!

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