Another Big Day – Ready, Set…, Oh Wait?

Oh wait, I think I might have piled too much on, and I canĀ  feel my head ready to explode with all the things I have/need to do. Having the time sit and blog is a big problem too. I’m only typing this becuase I was actually about to do something else when I clicked on my browser and may web page popped from a previous session I forgot to close. Now that I’m here, I thought, I might as well through something in-so here we are.

Two TV shows that have riveted me to the monitor: Lost, and Caprica. Lost, for its obvious reasons, I have followed all five seasons, and love the plot with all its weird and twisted concepts. Caprica, well, this is the prequel to Battle Star Galactic, and at first I though, “what a dumb idea,” but as it turns out, I think the series is very good. I watch them on-line becuase I do not have time to park myself in front of the TV, so I watch them I’m between classes.

“Spring ahead,” really sucks. It is bad enough that my sleep is all messed up, now I have to deal with the loss of an hour. I hate this “savings time” crap. I’m sorry, but I need every second of time I can get, and the only place that I can take time from in my day to day routine is from my sleep time. Moving to Saskatchewan may have a benefit as it is one of the few areas in North America that does not do this time switch twice a year. We invented window blinds so we can simulate night-time inside our homes, so why do you care if the sun is up at 5:00am? Even when we lose this hour, for most of us, the sun is up before we are anyway–what is the difference? If I were a Vampire, well then moving to Antarctica would be my only solution, and I would have to fly by night too, so day light savings time would not work for me anyway either. Stupid.

Tomorrow is also registration day down at admissions. This will be the second to the last time that I will grace the halls of admissions. Hard to believe that classes will come to an end, and I will have to venture into the big world in search of a job with my piece of paper with the gold sticker on it. Of course finding a job will not be the problem, but rather, choosing where to go will be my dilemma. I have so many options, directions and places with my pool of knowledge, that sitting down to choose will be the challenge. Already one of my best friends from on campus will be leaving, graduating, in May, and she’ll be taking with her the B.A. But she has found her calling, and I am so happy for her. I will miss our time together–all the joking around and study labs together. There are about thirty in our little world, and when you spent so such time under pressure with these people, the sadness of leaving, and splitting up to move on, can be hard. Even the “hard-ass” Criminologists feels emotional too. But we went there for a purpose, so time to move on!

So I will be sad and happy. Sad that my friends are going on, and happy that we all made through the forty to fifty courses, and 300 or so exams and papers, and survived with most of our fur on us. For me, it will be forty-five courses, and a defence hearing for the honers dissertation. Then the choice of Masters, and Doctorate? What path should I take… gulp.

OK, must go. Time to cram for the French exam tomorrow. Yes, more French. Thank goodness there are only four more weeks to go of this.

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