is Moving Back to Canada!

If you were wondering what was going over the last weeks with this this account being suspended, and you couldn’t get onto this web page, fear not, is not going anywhere. In fact, I was in the middle of moving everything because of payment issues with Site5, as they refused my payment by Money Order, and they suspended my site before I could fully move everything to my Canadian host. With the help of my good friend Diane, she loaned me the use of her plastic, and I compensated her for her troubles, the site is up and running till I finish the migration.

Even though I paid for a full year with Site5, and yes I feel like I got scammed by them, I will be pushing off from their (lack of) service by the end of the month.

There is also the issue of my Money Order too which is still waiting at a US Postal outlet waiting for Site5 to pick it up. I used Express Post to send it so I could used the tracking feature – something told me that they were going to do this. Their Postal official in Denver, Colorado, that I spoke with on Tuesday said that they issued two requests to Site5 to pick it up at their post office, but they have yet to respond. I’m hoping that the Money Order gets retuned now that I have lowered my slandered and used a friend’s credit card to fix the payment issue. This is not a good way to keep customers.

I hope I didn’t scare anyone with the nasty suspension page that replaced my web-site. The problem will be fixed once I have fully migrated away from it! Cheers everyone, it’s the last day of WINTER!

UPDATE ON THIS POST: March 25 2010.

Just to keep everyone up-to-date on this saga of my host for this website, everything is good for now. Site5 has agreed to keep the payment made by credit, as it was made on the same day as my money order was being picked up by them. The money order is being returned back to me. I will keep an account open with them for the in term, but this domain name I will still transfer over to my Canadian account. In the end I must go where I can get the best service for my needs. Site5 has indicated that for now, and the immediate future, they are not set-up for cheques and money orders.

I should also add that the biggest problem has been with communication. Even with email and instant messaging, the onus is still on the power that be to read and comprehend each communique. This was the fault of both sides.

The matter is closed, and there should be no further interruptions on this web site – fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    Why didn’t you email us? We actually picked up mail yesterday and we will process it later today. I should note here we don’t official take checks, we only do it in the extreme case a customer can’t pay with a credit card or Paypal. We haven’t refused any money order though and our UPS store didn’t tell us anything about this.

    You can email us any time to ask us for a status on this, and we could have turned off suspension for your account if you let us know this was the case.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, my email is,
    Thanks, Ben
    Site5 CEO

  2. Hello Ben,

    Thank you for the post on my Blog. I give everyone a fair chance to
    defend themselves, and that includes a chance to freely say anything to
    support their claims – within reason of course.

    I have attached four emails that have being written over the course of
    the last 15 days regarding the payment, and interruptions to my service.
    I have also attempted to phone your company, but your staff only likes
    to talk about sales, not billing. The one time that it appeared that
    someone, i.e., a human being, replied by email, that person seemed to
    ignore the method of payment point that I was making and only focused on
    keeping the account balance up to date.

    I now fully understand that Site5 does not like cheques and Money Orders
    as methods of payments. Over the last three to four years, this has
    become more and more evident, as this fight to pay Site5 gets worse over
    time. Because of this, I must move my business somewhere where my needs
    can be met. Myself and my partners do not use credit, nor any other
    Banking instruments because of the level of theft both in terms of
    personal information and fraud. I have personally being a victim of
    Identity and credit card theft, and have since stopped all on-line use
    of my credit and Banking information. Sure, an inconvenience, but I have
    adopted the philosophy that what I give out on the Intranet is what I
    can afford to loose if someones steals it, or takes it by means of

    The least you can do at this point in time is refund my friend’s credit
    card. It was with great reservation that I asked for her help.

    Yours truly


  3. Sorry Ben,

    If your comment is meant to convey reconciliation… it’s coming across like a spin job to C.Y.A.


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